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# Lang1:

Tanaka Stone Surface Sealer cures and seals gypsum model and stumps, makes it water repellent and protects against impurities, abrasion and chipping.

Models sealed with Tanaka Stone Surface Sealer approximal, on the antagonists and in the area of ​​bridge members, do not pull water from the ceramic during the stratification. In addition, marking materials like Tanaka Bite-X ™ Slightly washable.

This gypsum sealer does not form a layer, but penetrates deep, and can therefore also be used on workshoots without losing its dimensional accuracy.

Likewise, the Tanaka Stone Surface Sealer pencil marks, such as reference numbers or edge markings, can be fixed.

Laborators and practices can produce long-lasting demo and study models quickly and easily by sealing the models with a layer Tanaka Stone Surface Sealer.

# Lang2:


When Applied to Dental Stone and Plaster Models, Tanaka Stone Surface Sealer Both Seals and Strengthens The Material to Prevent Wear, Abrasion and Chipping While Making IT Resistant to Water and Other Media Which Might Deteriorate Its Surface.

BECAUSE IT ACTUALY PENETRATES INTO THE STONE WITHOUT RESIDUE Buildup, Stone Surface Sealer Can Be Used to Seal and Strengthen Working This Without Loss Of Dimensional Accuracy, And Seals in Pencil Markings On Margin Lines, Reference Numbers, etc.

Models Sealed With Tanaka Surface Sealer On Proximals and Opposings Will Not Draw Water From Porcelain During Buildup and Marking Materials Such As Tanaka Bite-X ™ Used on Proximals, Opposings and Pontic Areas Wash Easily Off FROM THE WATERPROOF STONE.

With a coating of Tanaka Stone Surface Sealer, Laboratories and Dental Offices CAN Produce Attractive and Long Lasting Study Models Easily and Quickly.