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# Lang1:

Tanaka Thermo-Dri ™ Opaque Liquid dries only under heat. This gives the ceramist the possibility to carry out all the internal characterizations necessary for a maximum aesthetic restoration and the interdependence of the modifier in one operation.

If the modified opaque layer is additionally condensed during drying with the hair dryer, the jumping avoids and it is usually a single opaque fire.

Application recommended together with the Tanaka Opaque glass instrument AT4and theOpaque Tray.

Technology tip:
For maximum bonding stability, and bubble-free opaque fires as well as to avoid microporosities, use Tanaka Thermo-Dri ™ Opaque Liquid's metal framework before the opaque is applied and remove the surpluses.


# Lang2:

Tanaka Thermo-Dri ™ Opaque Liquid Does Only Dry With Exposure To Heat Which Enables The Ceramist To Devote As Much Time AS NECESSARY TO THE APPLICATION AND CONDENSION OF OPAQUE. This Allows for Maximum Internal Characterization and Modifier Blending Without The Need For Repeated Firings Which Results in A More Vital Appearance in The Finished Restoration.

Tapping Condensation While Drying With A Hair Dryer Allows One Bake of Multicolor Opaque Stains. Since The Whole Unit Can Be Uniformly Condensed in One Step, No Cracks wants to be Produced While Baking Opaque.

For routinely high quality results use with AT-4 Opaque instrument and Tanaka Opaque Tray is recommended.

Technical Tip:
To Assure Maximum Bonding and a Bubble-Free Opaque Firing, Wet The Understructure Slightly With Thermo-Dri ™ Opaque Liquid, and Blow Off The Excess Before The Application of the Opaque.